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New Post: "A Very Busy Couple Of Months...Plus A Sample of Stasis!"

Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a writer of sorts, meaning I write stories and am sort of good at it! (Well I hope I am!) 

I'm ever so glad you made it onto my website. I hope me and you can become friends. Down below this welcome message is everything you need to know about my current releases, and up above me is even more information! 

I hope you have a brilliant day (or night) and do keep this website bookmarked for all your "Luis Samways thrills!" If you ever want to contact me, head over to the contact page. I do try and answer back to everyone, but if you're a spam-man (or spam-woman) then I'm afraid you wont be getting any replies! I don't want any money from some lottery I never heard of and I certainly don't want to give you my account number! 

Enough of that! Feel free to stop reading this rant and get to doing what you came here for! 


Luis :) 








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Stranger At The Door 

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Das Death Part 2!

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